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posted by Westward Animal Hospital    |   July 22, 2015 10:04

Why should pet owners get bloodwork done on their pets?  There are several reasons.  The most obvious one is when your pet is sick and we do diagnostic testing to try and figure out what is going on.  There are several different blood tests that tell us various things such as how the internal organs are functioning and if there is an infection somewhere.  Unfortunately, these tests are not always going to tell us what is wrong so we have to move onto different types of testing.  Another reason to do bloodwork is when your pet becomes a senior.  Even if they seem completely fine there might be some underlying disease that hasn't shown any symptoms yet.  By doing the bloodwork we can catch these diseases early and either prevent or slow down their progression.  A third reason to do bloodwork is when your pet is going to have surgery.  It is important to know if there are any problems before putting your pet under anesthetic. Like the senior bloodwork, sometimes these problems do not present themselves on the outside and we don't find them until we run the bloodwork.  If the bloodwork shows no problems, it is also a good reference for future problems.  We can use this bloodwork as a baseline telling us what is normal for your pet, and compare it to any future bloodwork.  A fourth reason is for screening purposes.  An example of this would be our heartworm test which tests for Heartworm and three of the tick borne diseases.  As with the presurgical bloodwork it can help us find any possible diseases early, but also lets us know the prevelance of the disease in our city.  Now that the ticks are getting worse it is important to know so we can prevent these diseases before they happen.


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