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Pets and Heat

posted by Westward Animal Hospital    |   June 24, 2015 14:42

With summer here remember to watch your pets for heat stroke.  The signs of Heat Stroke include excessive panting, thick saliva, dark tongue, lack of coordination as well as possible vomiting or diarrhea.  If you see any of these symptoms try to cool them down gradually.  If you cool them too quickly, it actually restricts blood flow which will inhibit cooling.  Take your pet to a veterinarian as soon as you can for further treatment.  They may require some IV fluids or other therapy.  Do NOT leave a pet in a car during the summer, even if it is just for a few minutes it could be too long.  In just 10 minutes the temperature in a vehicle can raise by 10 degrees.  If the temperature outside is 25 degrees, the car can reach 38-50 degrees celcius.  Studies have shown that rolling down the windows does not make a big enough difference in the temperature to help your pet.  It is just better to leave them at home where they are safe.  Also be careful when taking dogs out for a walk when it is really hot.  In the middle of the day when it is 30 degrees out the ashphalt can reach temperatures of 57 degrees.  That is hot enough to fry an egg on!  Just think what that could do to the sensitive pads on your dog's feet!  Try taking them out in the evening or early morning before the roads and sidewalks get too hot.  Also make sure to bring lots of water for them so they don't get dehydrated.  They cannot get rid of excess heat by sweating like we do so it takes them a longer time to cool down and they can become dehydrated much faster than us.  If it is hot enough heat stroke can cause brain damage and even death in less than 15 minutes so please take care out there!  Have a great time outdoors, just remember to look after your furry friend and be aware of how they are feeling.

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