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Westward Spay and Neuter Hospital, previously know as Westward Animal hospital, is a place where a dedicated and passionate group of highly trained animal health professionals work. Our goal is to give you and your special companion the best medical/surgical care possible.

Our staff respects the special relationship between you and your pet. To enrich and strengthen this bond we strive to practice progressive, top quality veterinary medicine in a sensitive, caring, and professional manner. Our commitment to a program of continuing education for our whole staff ensures a high standard of care and a proactive approach to health and wellness for your pet.
Westward Animal Hospital
Westward Animal Hospital
Oct 07
We just want to wish everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving! Remember to keep your pets safe, avoid giving them dangerous tablescraps. Turkey with the skin may have spices on it like onion and garlic that are bad for your pets organs, and the bones can cause them to choke or splinter and cause internal lacerations, cranberry sauce has high volumes of sugar and watch out for pumpkin pie! it usually contains nutmeg which is toxic to pets. Instead of these types of food offer up raw carrots, Read More...
Westward Animal Hospital
Apr 20
Those annoying little pests are out again! Ticks have already been seen in Saskatoon, so it is time to start using preventive to keep your pets safe. Ticks can transmit diseases like lyme, ehrlichiosis, and anaplasmosis which can cause long term damage to your pet and could eventually lead to death. A product that repels ticks such as Advantix is the best to use since a tick can transmit disease in as little as 4 hours after attaching. Tick bites can also affect people as well, so make sure Read More...
Westward Animal Hospital
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Westward Animal Hospital
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